Published Flash & Short Fiction

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dmd-cover-46Somebody Else’s Bike – short story

half you see amazonTurn a Blind Eye – short story

Beguiled-by-a-Wild-Thing-Reflex-Fiction-Volume-Four-Reflex-PressA Far Fall – flash fiction


ink in thirdsSkeleton in a White Dress flash fiction

corona bookThe Outrider – short story

EZTwoThe Revision– flash fiction

owlMrs. Castalto’s Garden – short story

Barely-Casting-a-Shadow-Reflex-Fiction-OneThe Pylon – flash fiction

The Boots – The Forge Literary Magazine

Take the Shot– The Cabinet of Heed

Say It– GNB Writers Block 1st Place

The Gardener The Drabble

Dante’s Barn Fiction on the Web