Where I Have Been, Darling

imbackI have a good excuse as to why I abandoned my social media presence. Doesn’t everyone? Those of you who’ve been guilty of not posting as scheduled– would you agree that the longer one stays away, the harder it is to return? You have this I’m Back post you feel compelled to write, and you don’t want to write it. No, you don’t.

The fact that I and so many others opt to go AWOL for a spell…what does that say about internet community? It’s not as tethering as physical, proximal, I-see-the-whites-of-your-eyes community. If social media and reality, et al were both in a burning house, and I could only rescue one– well, that’s what happened.

Since mid-December I’ve been figuring out how to add my new– yay!– part-time job into my schedule and still do ALL the things I was doing before. Hahahaha (psychotic laugh). Some things had to go: WordPress, Facebook, housecleaning, and some cooking. My personal writing (ie, the novel) slipped a little, too, but I’m white-knuckle holding onto it. I sit in the dust I haven’t touched and type away… (I do love my ellipses.)

All that to say, I landed the job of my dreams. Truly. I get to touch books and work in the hushed, cathedralesque environment I’ve always considered to be humanity’s great equalizer. Libraries don’t cost. Everyone has access. LOVE. Love. Love. Love…

As I get acclimated to my new schedule, I’ll post MTOs as I write them, which will be fun because you’ll never know when one will pop up. Like Jason Voorhees. Or Michael Meyers. My beautiful sister, Kimmy, is next in the queue, and she wants to see how horrible things can get. I do, too. 😉

13 thoughts on “Where I Have Been, Darling

  1. Congratulations! It’s true that It’s hard to get back into the groove after being away for a while. Even a week long hiatus makes me rusty. I really missed your mto horrors, so I hope you’ll keep posting whenever you’re able. Keeping a post schedule doesn’t really matter to me.

  2. Congratulations! It’s fun working part time in a cathedralesque environment like a library, methinks. I’ll probably be a bad librarian though. I’ll say, “Can you wait for a minute? This part is super interesting,” and forget the borrower, and continue reading lol. Well I guess we’ll never know when Kelly will pop up. Will Pick-Up return? Will that guy who shot someone with a shotgun, but was supposed to molest him live out his perversions in a sequel? So many questions. Here’s to a Freddy Kruegeresque surprise (in terms of suddenness and nothing else. Unlike Kimmy I like happy endings, thank you) the next time you decide to pop up.

    1. Oh I forgot Freddy! How could I??? Yes, I have to admit, I see my co-workers bringing home stacks of books to read. They read waaaaay more than I do. I have to up my game. Now, where to fit that in? What a memory you have, Nitin! Be well.

  3. What I’ve found is that your loyal followers (like me!) will still be there after breaks. It’s life. We all know things get hairy. And a job at the library is a wonderful excuse, though I don’t even think you need an excuse! Looking forward to more MTO Horror, when you can get to them. And your break is a wonderful lesson in life balance! (As I sit here in my own dust, and dog hair, believe me.)

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